New Christian Singer: Jennifer Underwood debuts!

Hi, I'm Jennifer, 42 years old. I have sung for years. In my twenties, my friend taught me how to sing. Off and on for years, I sung jazz songs, never in public, but always acapella. In December of 2015, I became a Christian. God took the desire to sing naturally, and gave me a reason to sing about Him! I live in the woods, and go up the dirt road, in the dead quiet to sing. Through the months,

I have honed my voice. Singing Acapella greatly strengthens a singer. If you sing with no music, then you hear every flaw, and can fix it. I long to make my own album. In the meantime, below you will find a few of my songs. If you like what you hear, please support my singing by donating any amount. I currently am unemployed, and while I struggle to find work,  I decided to release a song or two.

Every Stormy Wind That Blows

The Love Of God

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus

If you can donate, money can go toward releasing a single on Paypal

I'm considering trying for if feedback is positive in order to create an album soon.

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The songs listed are Public domain, meaning I have the right to use them. Please check for more information.